Felicia Marie Tomasko

Ingest, Digest, Rest – Ayurvedic Tips for Heatlhy Digestion

Improve Mental Digestion for better health, meditation and daily well-being. According to Ayurveda, our digestion is the very cornerstone of our health and well-being. During the processes of digestion, absorption, and assimilation, whatever we take in literally becomes us. Of course this applies to the food that we eat, but it’s not only food that we digest. We don’t always consider everything else we take in—the music, movies, visual impressions, stories, experiences, friendships, and everything else that actually becomes part of us.

Through understanding the Ayurvedic approach to digestion related to all of the layers of our body, mind, heart, and spirit, we can more effectively utilize our Yoga practice—including asana, breath, and regular meditation—to best digest and also to adequately eliminate what we don’t need, what doesn’t belong to us, and what cannot be digested. This workshop includes a lecture on digestion, discussion of basic principles, an easy practice that can be done every day, and suggestions for daily rituals and routine to optimize digestive health.

Category: Health and Wellness
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Speaker Bio: Felicia Marie Tomasko RN, E-RYT 500, inspires people to follow the path to personal freedom and vibrant health through the practices of Yoga and Ayurveda as incorporated into an everyday modern routine. She teaches a humorous and heartfelt exploration of shakti (sacred energy) and rasayana (rejuvenation) through asana, pranayama, concentration, and relaxation. Read full bio »