Soleil Hepner

Integrating the Inner Conflict of Un-Resolvable Polar Pairs

What if you learned that to “let go” you had to hold on? Or to relax, you had to be tense? What if you found that to be present, you had to be absent? Your first thought might be ‘how silly!’ but, on second thought, your own experience might verify its wisdom.

Letting go, relaxing, and being present come to us through the counter-balancing experiences of holding on, being tense, and absent. We all want a positive and pleasurable life without negativity and pain. And while we intuitively know this cannot be, we strive for it and forget that life exists in opposites, or “polar pairs.” Unresolvable Polar Pairs are dilemmas that we experience over and over. We are continually asked to weigh one side over another. Can you imagine experiencing ‘self’ without ‘other’, ‘freedom’ without ‘accountability’, ‘personal life’ without ‘professional life’, or ‘order’ without ‘chaos’? It would be like saying ‘yes’ to the in breath and ‘no’ to the out breath.

This session utilizes the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Approach to Stress Management by using your physical BODY as a tool for tuning into the inherent inner tensions & conflict found in these unresolvable polar pairs. Using your in-the-moment, real-world experience, learn to better navigate the world of opposites and its resulting dilemmas, polarities, and paradox.

Category: Health and Wellness
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Speaker Bio: Soleil Hepner is a full-bodied listener who gently yet purposefully guides her varied clients – stressed executives, creative entrepreneurs, and curious yogis – to WAKE UP NOW to a life that moves beyond the same-old, same-old. Armed with the question, ’What’s happening NOW’, she hooks you into noticing the body’s discomfort and the mind’s diversions. Read full bio »